Tuesday, September 5, 2017

2 Easy Menu, But Save Time and Tasty

Hunger but no food? Long holiday and lazy to cook? Or do not have enough time to cook?

Here are some good food recipes that can be a reference for you mothers or anyone who do not have much time but need to eat as soon as possible:

# 1 Recipe of good food Sapo tofu
Sapo tahu is a super delicious food that is always provided in almost all restaurants but you can make your own as well really. The trick is easy to prepare the materials you need such as:
Vegetables (carrots, pokchoi)
Chicken sliced ​​dice
Red onion
Sapo knows

How to cook is also easy. You need to saute garlic and onion and chili then give a little water and enter the carrots. Then wait 30 minutes or until the carrots are cooked then enter the mustard and the sapo tofu (before the sapo tofu is included half-baked fried first). The latter put cornstarch then sapo tofu are so ready to serve.

# 2 Good omelette food recipe
The next menu is omelette. Just like the previous menu menu is also very easy. Materials that need to be prepared are:

How to cook is so easy. At first just cook instant noodles according to the instructions, then after well cooked mix an eggs with noodles. After the eggs and noodles are mixed well, add meatball, sausage, chili and pepper. After all, mix it into the frying pan until well cooked and put in a place that can be put into the microwave. Add grated mozzarella cheese over the omelette and insert it into a microwave or oven. VOILA omelette ready to serve!

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