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This File Must Be Equipped When Selling and Buying a House with a Notary

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Many important files that must be prepared in home buying and selling transactions. From the main document, to supporting documents. Therefore, everything must be well prepared. Like what Pak Arip and Pak Maman do:

Pak Arip plans to sell his house. Incidentally, the selling price of the house sold by Pak Arip fits perfectly with what Pak Maman wants. House prices sold in Bandung are cheaper than many other homes for sale. Mr. Maman finally bought the house from Pak Arip.

Pak Arip and Pak Maman agreed that this buying and selling process must be through legal transactions. Therefore, they utilize the services of authorized third parties such as notaries and Land Acquisition Officials (PPAT).

It is agreed that the process and transaction of buying and selling of houses become easier and also safe. So that no unwanted things happen in the future. For example, one party does not recognize the transaction process.

Recognized by both, using the services of a notary is more troublesome, let alone require a fee that is not small anyway. However, they understand that this is for the benefit of each party.

When they went to a notary, they were asked to prepare some documents. Since this is a sale and purchase transaction, the notary will require data from Pak Arip in the form of a copy of Identity Card (KTP). Not only himself, if already married, then Pak Arip also need to attach a KTP from his wife. Pak Arip will also be required to provide copies of Family Card or Family Card.

Meanwhile, the notary or PPAT will also ask Mr. Maman to attach a valid ID card. Just like Pak Arip, Mr. Maman will also be asked to attach the wife's ID when married. In addition, the Family Card also needs to be attached by Mr. Maman. In addition must also attach other letters such as photocopy of marriage certificate when married.

The letters will be required by a notary for the data of legalization of sale and purchase transactions conducted by Pak Arip and Maman.

If the Sale and Purchase Process is done from the company, then the file to be attached will become more complex. The parties concerned must attach the identity card of the commissioners and directors, the deed of establishment of the company, the approval of the company by the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, the minutes of the GMS or the General Meeting of Shareholders.

In the meantime, they must also provide data on the object of the house being sold that is, the original certificates or letters of houses such as SHGB, SHM, SHGU, SHMSRS, then IMB, proof of UN payment of the last five years, Stamp duty, as well as documents supporting that Land or house really exists.

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