Thursday, October 26, 2017

The Advantages of Living in Apartment Compared to Living in a Boarding House

Rent an apartment being a hits among workers and students who usually prefer to live in boarding rooms. Apartments present many advantages that are not owned by the boarding house so that although it is still slow but sure it will be more people who prefer to live in the apartment.

In terms of price of course apartments has more expensive, but the advantages offered far more than boarding house which is concerned with cheaper prices than good excess occupancy.

Here are some advantages that can be obtained by renting an apartment compared to live in boarding house:
1. Easy access
The apartments always provide easy access that is always easy for residents to go to various locations of public facilities and workplace to campus location. This main advantage that can only be obtained by living in an apartment is no exception with the lease of an apartment. This easy access makes the residents can go anywhere more easily without having to worry about difficulty reaching the destination location or traffic jam.

2. The presence of maintenance officers
The presence of some officers who have the duty to care for the apartment, so it remains in a clean condition and awake from some damage that may not be realized. Although there are costs must be issued but of course this will ease all the affairs and do not need to think about the care of apartments that are inhabited. But of course keep your own apartment is better because there may be items that do not want to be cleaned without the knowledge of residents.

3. Air dan juga listrik
Kedua hal ini biasanya menjadi ajang perebutan ketika tinggal di sebuah kamar kos dimana untuk listrik cukup terbatas penggunaannya dan juga untuk air terutama mandi harus bisa bergantian. Namun diapartemen tentu saja hal ini tidak perlu menjadi masalah lagi karena sudah bisa disediakan oleh pihak pengembang agar penghuni tidak merasa kekurangan untuk kedua hal ini.

3. Water and electricity
Both of these things usually become a means of struggle when living in a boarding house where for electricity is limited enough to use and also for water, especially bathing should be alternated. But in an apartemen, of course this does not need to be a problem anymore because it can be provided by the developer so that residents do not feel lack for both of these things.

So that is the advantage that can be obtained from rental apartments compared to living in a boarding room.

So, which more do you want to select? An apartment rental or boarding house?

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