Sunday, April 29, 2018

How to Take Care a Wooden Closet

Who's there ever smells the wardrobe that we put in a wooden closet becoming smells bad?
Well the late 2 years I'm not, because I don't using wooden closet anymore heheh.

Yes we could using a camphor or fragrance cabinets are disguised fragrant aroma, but the action is not the solution for our problems?

Use camphor or fragrance cabinets will help us so much, but the action is not the solution for our problems?

It turns out the musty smell came from mold and termites. OH HOW COME?
Yes it can be, especially the terminates that works without us seeing them. And some day we're surprised because our wooden furniture are broken everywhere.

The impact of not being treated by her closet is also quite detrimental. Not only because the cabinet is so worn and ugly, but caused the clothes inside will be easily smells bad and uncomfortable to wear. Imagine, the cabinets are moldy, what if the mushrooms are attached to the clothes then we wear.

Automatically, the fungus will also stick in our body or inhaled by us. If treated well, wooden cabinets can be more durable, not easily fragile, clothes remain fragrant because it is not damp and not moldy.

Here is my tips on caring for wardrobe from wood:
1. Keep the cupboard so that it is not moist
The way to keep the cabinet is not damp one of them is to place it in a room that has good ventilation, or better if the room has a window that can be opened so that sunlight can enter and air circulation so smoothly. A smooth air circulation will certainly minimize the indoor air humidity level. Automatic wardrobe was so not damp. Avoid placing cabinets near the bathroom or kitchen room. In addition to this way, you can also work around this by opening the door of the occasional cupboard and then aerated. It can also make the cabinet so it is not easy to damp.

2. Caring for cabinets so as not to mold

Mushrooms will thrive in damp places, as do your cabinets. This mushroom can be marked with grayish white patches attached to the walls of the closet. This fungus is certainly very disturbing because it makes clothes so much easier and if dangerous if inhaled by humans. Therefore, the cabinet should be kept dry and not moist, give gap placement of cabinets with walls. You can also use fragrances of anti-fungal cabinets and avoid storing moist/wet clothes in the closet.

3. Clean regularly
Cleaning cabinets on a regular basis can also be a powerful weapon to care for your favorite closet to keep clothes well. Cleaning cabinets in addition to removing dust and dirt, can also eradicate the growth of fungi and other small animals that may breed in cabinets such as fleas, mites or other insects such as cockroaches. No need to do it every day, just once a week remove all clothes from the closet and wipe with a clean cloth that has been spilled with cleaning fluid or soapy water, let it completely dry.

4. Perform repainting

If the wardrobe is felt has begun to fade the color and not interesting anymore, or the paint has begun to peel or maybe your favorite closet has begun termites infested, so do not wait too long. Immediately do repainting. Renew the paint with the same color or other colors to give a different feel, do not forget before repainting, seal your cabinet first with an anti-termite liquid to prevent termites from breeding.

Come on, reposition your wardrobe again to keep the clothes from the musty smell.

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