Monday, December 23, 2019

3 Mistakes That Often Occur When Choosing a Skincare Product

# 1 Just being a followers
In the digital era where there are so many beauty bloggers, beauty vloggers, celebrities and the emergence of so-called celebrities who are likely to give us testimonials related to a product. In many reviews relating to a product, it is honest and can be justified. But it is not the most important point, but where we just follow their product choices, aka swallowed raw without any further review of many factors.

When interested in trying a product that is recommended, first check whether the user of the product has the same skin as our skin, age, lifestyle, diet and other factors such as the neighborhood. Because the climate and weather also affect whether all skincare products will work optimally on our skin or not you know. For example, we live in a tropical country where the weather tends to be humid, we can't just trace the reference skincare beauty influencers who live in a dry subtropical country ...

# 2 Keep using the same product for years, even if our skin condition changes
Now this is a mistake most people make. Regard skincare as a favorite food or even a soulmate. That once we are suitable to use certain skincare products, we will forever be able to use these products. Unfortunately this assumption is wrong, because our skin condition will certainly change with many reasons. The most important factor here is age. Our body will be very affected by age, of course including the skin as well. Try to remember what babies need a lot of skincare? How much time do we spend recovering from sunburn and striped skin after a vacation on the beach at primary school age compared to now? The most visible visible, fine lines on the face that used to only exist around the line of our smile when we were kids, how about now?

Our skin keeps changing, so does its needs. Just like our needs for different foods when babies, toddlers, children, teenagers, young adults and fully grown. Our skin might not have a problem when I was a teenager and in the normal range, but now because of pollution, diet, stress and so on it might be acne prone, or combination skin. Can't we still use skincare that is formulated for normal skin. See, it's just appropriate to get pimple on our face, maybe it's time to change skincare, guys ...

# 3 Assume that natural or organic skin care is 100% safe for everyone because it is not made from chemicals
First of all, everything contains chemicals. Do you still remember your lessons during middle school? I vaguely remember that the chemical name of water is H2O or dihydrogen oxygen. Is water still considered not something chemical?

Humans are also very closely related to the chemical elements in their bodies. From this we know that whether a product is safe or not does not depend on whether the product is seen as a natural or chemical process. Not like that ... Safe or whether a product is indeed likely to have been tested a lot to many users. But it still does not guarantee the product will be suitable for use or not.

To put it simply yes the reaction of the human body to a substance can vary greatly gaes ... There are people who are allergic to fruits or nuts, there are also allergic to certain animal products such as milk, eggs and the like. Everyone has different body conditions and sensitivity. So it's really important to see the contents of a product before choosing it for everyday wear.

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