Wednesday, November 13, 2019

How To Control Body Weight During Pregnancy

When women are in a state of pregnancy many changes occur, not only from emotions and weight changes but also changing dietary patterns also require them to be strong. Even though the condition of the two pregnant women has to get a lot of nutrition and energy intake, it does not mean they can eat everything they want and forget about the weight problem. A pregnant woman must still regulate her food intake so that their weight remains stable during pregnancy.

Managing body weight gives the intention to maintain the safety and health of both the mother and her baby during pregnancy. Talking about the ideal weight of pregnant women, the actual increase for each semester will be different.

For the first trimester the weight gain will be relatively very small, even though the weight gain may change at any time because of the mother's ever-changing appetite. This also happens because at the beginning of the first trimester a mother will feel nausea that is so severe that vomiting vomits so that most likely the food has been devoured out again and reduces the amount of food intake that is processed perfectly by the mother's body.

However, after passing through the first trimester and entering the second and third trimesters, the weight of an average mother will change to be greater than before, even food will be twice as large as before because this baby has begun to adapt to the mother's stomach. Therefore in the second and third trimesters pregnant women are obliged to be very controlling body weight whether too excessive or not.

The most normal or significant increase in weight for a pregnant woman is 12 to 15 kg. usually these changes occur in the first trimester whereas in the second trimester your body weight will jump up and will usually change every week. Weight gain in the second trimester is approximately 10 grams per day. If you ask the ideal body weight for a pregnant woman at the beginning of her pregnancy, it will be answered that normally is only 45 to 65 kg. Weight in this measure has become a common standard for pregnant women and is an ideal body weight.

To be sure if a mother is found to have a body weight below normal body weight or maybe above normal body weight then the possibility of risk that is obtained will be very much good for the mother and the baby. If you do not adjust your weight when you are pregnant and overweight then you might be suffering from hypertension and diabetes. The effect on overweight babies is the risk of experiencing growth retardation in these babies because the oxygen supply from the placenta will be greatly disrupted because the placenta will narrow due to sufficient fat and thus also the possibility of increasing the risk of children born with less intelligence.

Likewise in mothers who have underweight or underweight this can endanger the baby and the mother because the baby's development will be disrupted and the potential to give birth prematurely to the point that the baby will be deformed. The explanation above is also the background that as a mother must be prepared to set the ideal body weight using a Pregnant Woman's Weight Calculator and that is a very important thing. Knowing that weight gain will make the mother better understand and maintain her weight better.

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