Saturday, May 27, 2017

7 Photography Ideas for Single Person's Beach Vacation


Anyone is entitled to vacation. Even you're single and ready or not ready to mingle with new person. But sometimes, if someone single getting their vacation by themselves, people often talking them behind their back. They were also have many topics for talking behind or back, like... of course we have so much free time, we don't have someone to take care about or anything could be negative and we would be so thankful because we don't have any chance for hearing that by ourselves.

So it's always better to skip all the negativity and have fun with our vacation to the beautiful beach in Bali or many beautiful place we choice in the end. Then, make sure you bringing back many beautiful photos of scenery and vacation diary. For keeping memory, please don't too much taking selfie and uploaded all to social media. No one could bear seeing so many selfies, even you're so beautiful as Audrey Heburn.

Check it out 7 Photography Ideas for a Single Person's Beach Vacation:

#1 The beautiful beach
Yes! you must taking the beautiful beach that you visit photos.Try to taking beach photo with any other element that so good if we take them into photograph like beach umbrellas or something like that.

#2 Sunbathing place
We all know that beach identical to sundeck or sunbathing chair. Even you don't want to sunbathing, it will be lovely if you spending your time to taking photos of cute sunbathing place near beach.

#3 Food
If you do not have a partner for a fancy romantic dinner, it's always okay if we just eating by ourselves and taking photos about luxury food in expensive hotel/villa that could be so envious if we posted them in social media *smirk*. To show them that even we're single, we could having fancy dinner in fancy place too! *LOL*

#4 Coconut
Coconut water? Yes we're sure about this! Please drink coconut water with ice direct from the coconut fruit like these photos. It was the trend now! You should take at least one bokeh photos with coconut fruit, it's even better if out coconut fruit has hotel/villas stamps.

#5 Self potrait
Ask help to tourist near you, security officer or someone you trust to help you taking self potrait with beautiful background like this. Awesome!

#6 Recommended place
Even we're having beach-vacation, it doesn't mean that all photos we're take is all about beach. We could be exploring another place like unique building or unique traditional food stall that recommended to visit.

# 7 Spa
Beach is always full with relaxing atmosphere. There must be a massage and spa services around the beach. It will be good if you made a reservation for massage and spa there, it will be good too if you taking picture of that place and the property for self-documentation.

Happy beach-vacation dear 'single but happy' people!

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