Sunday, May 28, 2017

More About Non-Mainstream Business Creations


A psychological study reveals that people who often dream while sleeping, are the hallmarks of creative people. While not separating the types of dreams and nightmares, the research remains a person's mental standard. Similar research continues to be developed. Psychologists have a general idea for analyzing a person's level of creativity.

Basically, everyone has a distinctive creativity. This creativity difference, enabling the presence of a unique and interesting thought.Their thinking often manifests itself in eccentric attitudes and behavior. Eccentrics will always be an attraction, because their way of thinking is beyond common sense. They are non-mainstream.

Non-mainstream thinkers, believed to be talented in art and planning. Their saturation of a routine, encouraging them to compose brilliant ideas. Of course these ideas are not common, you will not find a brilliant who likes to imitate. They tend to create new, innovative ones.

The Need to Run an Unusual Business

A good plan, also need to pay attention to the determination of your business field. The more you understand and mastered the type of business, the easier you also innovate. So, if one day there are operational incidents, you can prevent and solve them.

The next step is to find a co-worker. Strive to work with colleagues who have different skills. Later you can both complement each other, including for capital and funding issue. In addition, you can discuss about innovative business concepts, models that will be built etc.

Building an innovative business, promising an attractive advantage over the long term. However, this requires patience and a process of development that is not for a moment.

A number of non-mainstream thinkers have started unusual businesses. Innovations they do for years, certainly can rising your business spirit. Here are some innovative business creations from non-mainstream thinkers.

1. Alibaba (Jack Ma)
Although just know about internet at the age of 30 years, Jack Ma is able to get around the backwardness with a creative vision. He is eager to build a gathering place for all manufacturers in China, in the form of an electronics store. His business in Alibaba appeared worldwide and became a tough competitor of eBay, in less than 10 years. Now, Jack Ma's e-Commerce vision, multiplied and inspired a lot of people. Jack Ma also got a place of honor in the technology business industry in the world.

2. Sony Sugema College (Sony Sugema)
Starting from the experience of teaching in several high schools, Sony Sugema ventured to build a tutoring service. With a capital of less than Rp2 million, he built Sony Sugema College (SSC) in 1990. High interest among high school students to experience a fun learning method, made SSC only take 1 year to expand its service to Jakarta. ITB's Engineering alumnus, now has opened more branches all over Indonesia. SSC's glory even brings further innovation to designing online-based learning guidance.

3. SPANX (Sara Blakely)
Two failed exams to become a lawyer and rejected by Disney, into a series of misfortunes that Sara Blakely will always remember. He went on to become a fax machine dealer, while honing his business skills. Together with a her friend in Atlanta, Sara took the initiative to design a more modern model of clothing. He marketed his own photograph in an internal dressing. Sales are only from one supermarket to another supermarket. Remarkably, SPANX is able to steal public attention because it becomes an Oprah Winfrey favorite product. SPANX also skyrocketed with record transactions reached US $ 250 million. Today, Sara the seller of fax machines, has been named one of the richest businessmen in the world.

4. Waroeng Steak & Shake (Jody Broto Suseno)
Innovation by Jody Broto Suseno offers a new experience to taste steak. Through a culinary business called Waroeng Steak & Shake, Jody makes steaks more affordable for peoples. Jody's cool hands in introducing Waroeng Steak & Shake are very visible from his logo selection. He deliberately made brightly colored logos lit up, to be able attracted students and young people. Starting from the youth segment in Yogyakarta in 2000, Waroeng Steak & Shake then opened more than 50 branches outside the city.

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