Wednesday, March 1, 2017

5 Things for Sunburn Remedy

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Beach vacations or go to very hot places with a bright sunlight, usually will giving us a hard to forget souvenir, that is exotic tan skin if we make sure that we have tanned well or sunburn.

Maybe you are already make sure to bring and use your sunscreen, but what can do if you still got a sunburn? For your information, using sunblock is just to prevent UV A, but not UV B so no wonder you got sunburn.

Then, if your skin is already got sunburn, what to do?
Try 5 cool tips to cope with sunburned skin with ingredients that you maybe don't expect before! What it is?

# 1 Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera has been very famous for hair care. But it turns out good for normal skin care, especially sunburn. Cut into piece an aloe vera, open it so you can get the gel inside, applied it to your skin that is sunburned, you will feel very comfortable because an aloe vera gel will absorbed well into the skin and cause a cold sensation. Let it dry.

# 2 Potatoes
It refer to potatoes raw fruit, not the already cooked French Fries, mashed potato with milk or potato chips. Thinly slice the potatoes into wide (circular) then apply to the burned skin slowly. For an alternative, crushed potatoes becomes a smooth paste and then placed in burned areas. Let to dry completely. Usually does in a matter of hours.

# 3 Cucumbers
Have you ever drink the cucumber with shaved ice? It was so yummy and refreshing, do you know that it can cope a sunburn! Same way as potatoes, mashed up into a paste and placed in burned areas around 20 minutes, then wash it with clean water.

# 4 Yogurt
If at your home or in your hotel is a difficult at all to find any vegetables already mentioned, why not give a try for yogurt? It's easier to buy in minimarket nearest you. It's piece of cake to apply too. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap, apply yogurt to the burned areas, let it about 5-10 minutes until you felt the cold effects of then wash thoroughly with water.

# 5 Honey
Of course you can use honey too to cure your sunburn. It's as easy as yogurt and kind of easy to find in minimarket near you, just applied in burned skin and then left to dry. But the differences between yogurt with honey, honey takes a very long time to getting dry. If it still not getting dry within 1-2 hours, it's okay you can rinse your skin with water. Repeat 2-3 times a day until the burned area feels comfortable.

So, sunburn is not a big problem don't you think?

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  1. Tapi tapih carik aloe vera di belantara ibukota susah dung huuhuhu
    Palingan bisa ya ketimun hahhaha