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3 Attractive Markets Around the World

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When traveling to a new places, especially when traveling abroad... sometimes we want to visit the center of the town crowd. At the first time we thought about that, maybe we will be interested  with the town's market.

Market is a place where local people interact to shop or spend their time, we will get to experience the local culture, local cuisine and foods that attracted many people. Markets always be a fun place for us to visit when we're in a new place, especially if we want to hunt some souvenirs.

Because markets in all the tourist destinations are always unique, especially with culinary experience of course it can be very difficult to sort out just some of them. But here are reviews of markets that recommended to visit when you are traveling around the place of these markets:

#1 Chatuchak Market - Bangkok
If never been to Thailand before, you certainly realize that there are so many interesting markets in Thailand. So what's made Chatuchak special than others? Chatuchak very attractive because of it has so many booth, too many in fact. In these markets, booth contained about more than 15,000 booths which of course you will be able to find whatever we want here. Whatever you want such as food, home decor, clothing or others. All you want to buy or see, you can find and get here, with a very cheap price. It's easy to linger here, but do not start to have an idea for visiting the whole booth  by yourself if you do not want to got headache.

#2 The Grand Bazaar of Istanbul
Istanbul is a place that known as one of old city in Turkey because of its role in past history. Istambul has one of the oldest markets in the world. One of the oldest markets in the world called The Grand Bazaar is located in Istanbul. You should not miss that market, really.

This market has a lot of covered area so it will be easy for visitors to shop and see the range of merchandise in this market without being too affected by the weather in this city. Very worthy if we mind to buy and take them home any fabrics and rugs that sell here because they are super pretty, so it will be able to beautify our favorite place at home. Bargaining is allowed here anyway, so do not feel embarrassed to get the best price.

#3 London's Borough Market
In London there are so many markets that are scattered in the area of ​​the city where sell any goods we wish to find the like clothes, flowers and household appliance. But among all the markets, which makes Londo's Borough Market special is that we can find various kinds of food here, ranging from modern food, the English's local food or even other exotic foods. Besides, there are also seafood, spices, cafĂ© and more. We shall go to this market if we are the big lovers of food and always wanted to try some foods every visiting new place.

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