Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Are You Really an Ideal Couple for Your Wife/Husband?

After a few years of marriage with your husband / wife, maybe both of you would have a lot of things changed. Self acceptance and as a couple, a compromise about home management both of you. You've been together for so long, sometimes you perhaps forget the important things as a condition of a healthy partnership between husband and wife. And that includes the essential needs of the marriage.

Here's a list we've compiled to evaluate the things that have to be fulfilled as a condition for  achievement of partnership couples in marriage:

#1 Being a Good Listener

Maybe you are a transmitter of thoughts and good ideas to our partner, but let's remember whether in addition to the initiators and storytellers, you also pay attention to all our partner really said to you? Are you remain silent and pay attention until the story is over or maybe you think about something else, such as television shows what you miss by listening to what our partner say?

#2 Full Attention
If your partner sharing ideas, stories or thoughts... try to focus on what he / she puts forward. Pay attention to him / her, forget about the drama that we miss and social media notifications to your phone. Communication and good response with your partner will enhance the quality of the relationship itself.

#3 Hold Interruptions
If you do not agree with what your partner to say, especially if it becomes clear that you and him/her has a different opinion then hold it beforehand. Give your partner time to finish what he/she wanted to. Of course you will feel the urge to correct or give advice on what he/she thinks. Especially if before you and your partner was in talks tough despite the simple reason such as golf things shopping or fashion shopping that you don't really agree. Listen to him/her reason, may it's not be what you think. So keep quiet listening without cut off what your partner said.

#4 Pay attention to body language
When he/she speaks, pay attention to body language of your partner. Eyes, gestures and facial expressions are often able to convey what your partner really feel. Things like this will make you and your partner know more about the thoughts and feelings of each other.

#5 Clarify the situation
When your partner done with anything she/he'd like to say, clarifying the intent of the core of what he /she says. This is in addition to prevent from misunderstanding that you listen to everything he says.

#6 Ask What He/she Really Wants From You
Offer support for your partner by asking what he wants from you, what can you do for him/her? Perform a gentle compromise, because it could be your partner does not agree with what you are doing and he/she wants you to listen to why he/she did not agree with you.

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  1. I am till not married yet, but this tips so damn good but I hate number 2. because lately he is not attention with my life hahaha. because he is so damn busy there.