Monday, October 24, 2016

Why We Should Not Regret How Much We Spent When Traveling?

Traveling is something that often presents a dilemma in our minds. If we choose to not travel, stress of boredom from the routines from our home and our workplace could disturbing us. If we choose to traveling so we will be happy anyway, but at the end there is also a stress because we keep spend in tourist destinations. We are to feared that when we come home instead feel relax and happy, we burden of thinking for a credit card bills in a row.

Then since the beginning of holiday plan when we will do the traveling, maybe in our heads already think about how we will plan a cheap traveling. So we will busy looking for tickets, hotels, tourist attractions and places to eat that super cheap. If it is necessary, we should find how to traveling as cheap as possible. Finally our holiday can be tiring and lost it means.

Here's why we do not have to feel guilty about spending money during traveling:

1) Our time is very valuable
When we decided to fill the holiday with travel abroad, definitely our first goal is to get the best price towards the destination we choice. Without knowing, we ignore what is more important: the duration of the flight. If our choice to get the cheapest flights caused us much more time in journey, chances of getting a transit flight with the risk of long wait at the airport with no certainty or flight problems occur that reduce the time of our holiday. We better pay a little more expensive, with fastest flight. It will be even more worthed really.

2) Buying Experience
Do not think twice to get a new experience, leven it cost us money. We know it is rather difficult to completely separate this from our heads. However, try to remember again what we were looking after thus far from home? Yes, new experience, right? Such as when it will go to tourist places which pricey according to us, think again it is worth the money we spent? Eating a hot dog while watching the World Cup live in the stadium is far more expensive than eating a hot dog while watching the world cup in café that not far from our house. But then again, do not look it was all about hot dog, but the experience of eating that hot dog while longer to watch the World Cup live in a country that organizes the game. Not experience we got every day of course.

3) Opportunity Can Not Being Repeated
While walking around, maybe we found a unique museum that is a popular tourist spot among locals, but no list of recommendations for tourists. Do not miss the opportunity, especially for reasons of an entry ticket that exceed our budget. We're not necessarily going to re-visit tourist destination at this time we went to, was not necessarily the museum will be open forever with ticket prices are like today. When might we go back again, maybe the price will be much more expensive than the current adjusted to the level of popularity. Well what are you waiting for? Go in and set up the camera.

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