Wednesday, November 30, 2016

5 Tips for Peaceful Holiday

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Who would not want to go vacation with calm and peaceful mind? That's a vacation without a headache thinking about like who will take care of my pets today?
Who will take care the pets tomorrow? Or,

Geez, how if electricity morgue because of token PLN depleted? Oh my vegetables in the refrigerator going to be damaged. Or, OMG my health insurance dues it paid or not? But this month my Mama went to the clinic for check up.

If all above in your mind while on vacation, believe me, you will had so stressful holiday and. And after a vacation you rush home, tangled hair, face pouted because you don't really enjoy your vacation.

So, for let yourself a safe and peaceful vacation, there's a tips you could do:

#1 Plan vacation ahead of time

Yes it should do, so everything was well planned. Planned well about costs and doing research about tourism destinations. The farther, the more we can remember what kind that we have to prepare.

#2 Make a list things to do

Important! Make a list of things to do in the planner or if do not have that, you could write on the calendar. If the calendar is too small to make a plan, wrote in a post-it sticker and stick that to a place that we are often passing, as in the front door of the room, on the board. What kind of content?
Simple, example :
Kitty will entrusted to my neighbor mrs. A, prepare food 1 packet, sand for kitty poop and 'helping fees' about 10 dollars.

#3 Prepare holiday supplies

In addition to packing clothes, we also need to buy some goods more that we will need on our vacation object. Sunglasses for example, or a thick jacket, or a new suitcase padlock.

#4 Obey your list of things-to-do

List Things-to-do was made to be obeyed. If it just written, but you don't care of obey so you will messing up anything you already plan for vacation.
Especially pay bills for insurance health, phone bills, electric bills. By the way, now we could pay all bill by online, choose online for simple and easy way.

#5 Prepare local cash

If your object of vacation is out of the country, change your cash into local currency. It's not funny until we landed on foreign airports, you are so hungry and would like to having snack or drink but you must be waiting for the money changer is open.
If you take vacation on local tourist destination, it is also necessary cash money, because we do not know where the location of the nearest ATM.

All of tips already checked? Hurray, it means you're ready for the holidays with a quiet and peaceful mind.
So let's get lost!

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