Saturday, November 19, 2016

5 Tips Healthy Eating But Not Pricey

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Healthy lifestyle trend was so popular last year and now. Starting from the infused water, mixed juice, smoothies, diet mayo and more. For diet enthusiasts who pretty lazy caused by complicated rules of diet, do not worry because varied catering provide healthy food for dieters with the promotion of good food with low calories, with organic materials healthy and we're fully impressed with customer testimonial who successfully lose their weight.

Are you curious because their tempted result, so you begin to ask ask the caterings price list which is er... pretty pricey. If only we reserved once cycle of diet because we wanted so much and curious about, so it's okay. But if sustained repeated orders for next cycle of diet maybe you need to thinking again and again.

Though eating healthy does not mean expensive, you know, if we take the time to prepare our own menu and made our own diet cycle menus.

Do you done trying prepared its own menu and feel it still expensive?

Ah if the difference of up to several tens of thousands rupiahs for any organic food or healthier food so come on think about it, it's all worthed to pay, is far more cheap than the treatment we need to pay when we get sick. Or maybe what you've done is not enough proper planning ? For more details, check out 5 healthy eating tips while saving for our evaluation:

#1 Check discount and promos
Women and discount / promo is a good friend. If our radar is usually for hunting dress, makeup or baby diapers so from now on we need to targeted a healthy food. Priority list for hunting the sale first, then our healthy diet depend on that. If we got broccoli on sale, so yes today and the following day broccoli will became our menus. Maybe we can cooking broccoli as soup.

#2 Nuts, seeds and bulk herbs
Buy anything even food in bulk will be usually less expensive, this certainly because anything in bulk usually should be unbranded. But do not forget to shop bulk food from a reliable place. With grocery shopping in bulk we can buy groceries as needed, if we doesn't want to stock the food in our kitchen so we can buy a little to keep the food remains fresh.

#3 Just go to shop online and do supermarket checks when required 
Women and shopping can not be separated, in any case, including food. To avoid buy too many kinds of food that we can cook or need in maybe a week better we're not go to the supermarket or just window shopping at the online store healthy food oftenly. Be careful for the temptation that can lead us to buy it.

#4 Create the shopping list
Define duration of shopping for example once a week and make a list of food that we needed in that time period, focusing ourselves to buy only what is listed.

#5 Take adventage from freezer
Do not immediately throw away all the food on rest of the day, put in different food container and place in freezer for the next day. Take an advantage from the freezer to keep food always in good condition so we can enjoy the food again after reheated the next day. It help us so much on saving isn't it?

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