Sunday, November 20, 2016

4 Ways to Clean Our Face Optimally

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Cleaning our face is an activity that has often everyday we did, because it is our routine activity so without realizing we take it too easy and simple. But do you know that if we do not clean our face properly we may experience redness, irritation and other side effects unsightly? Fortunately, we need only a few adjustments and a bit of extra attention to help us achieve the perfect skin. Well here below are the correct way to cleanse our face:

#1 Skip washing your face in the morning
Yeah your eye wasn't lie, the number one tips as what you read above. So it could be a pleasant news for us who often lazy to dress up or clean our face patienty in the morning instead? Yeah we do not need too often washing our face in a day, even twice a day, it is quite a lot. Which should wash or clean the face is the part of us that have oily or acne-prone skin. So treat this as a discount so we, who have a normal skin will no longer grounded in cleaning our face every time we have to do it.

#2 Clean your face twice during night
Clean your face twice when night before bed is very important for the sake of good quality sleeping and our skin can be regenerated well. Cleaning face is also very necessary for women who have to wear makeup all day long, to avoid the dirt left on the face will cause clogged pores. Clean the face first with cleansing milk or the like, then wash your face with facial foam in order to obtain maximum cleansing before bed.

#3 Choose the right cleanser for your face
Get to know in advance what our face skin type, are our face has dry skin, oily, acne or something else? So many options for facial foam, maybe it was too many kinds of products and we are also increasingly difficult to choose one as the best friend of our skin. Do not forget to find out for review per product. But if your skin type including dry and sensitive, preferred to choose a form of cleansing milk facial cleanser and face tonic. If your skin is more like oily types, foaming gel cleanser shaped face will balance our skin condition. However, if the conditions of our face was pimply, look for cleansers formula contains salicylic acid to keep pores clean.

#4 Lower the water temperature
If because some condition we forced to sleep in the early morning and feel cold when it is time to wash our face, please do not wash your face with hot water whatever the conditions. Hot water caused our skin to become dry. And if we've heard that the cold water can close the pores, notes that it is a myth. Best friend for our skin to stay comfortable with is a warm water.

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