Sunday, November 6, 2016

5 Reasons Not To Set Up Pension Funds That Must Be Stopped

Currently you are working, as well as your husband. Your husband may be working in a company with a great career and you have a pastry shop not far from our home and already has some loyal customers. Income from your pastry shop of course entirely yours. Shopping anything you liked maybe easy, not so big deal because you have your own money.

Or perhaps you and your husband just married recently and had just planned to build household's ladder economy better?

But have you ever think about retiring and has started to put aside your income for retirement? Retirement is something that will definitely coming, even you have so many of plans and pretty much of income, we could not determine through it with full readiness.

These reasons may be familiar with yourselves in order to avoid preparing a pension plan. What is it?

#1 "Do not have enough or much money."
Some people will argue that they have no more money to be allocated as a pension after paying routine bills. Do you belong? But without thinking twice, why we were able to spend up to 500,000 IDR a month to eat somewhere nice or traveling? However, if they set aside half of that amount, in only 10 months would be 2,500,000 IDR. Just imagine if 30 years along with interest.

#2 "I'm young, I still have plenty of time to save money to retire."
No you know the more you getting old year by year, the more allocation of expenditure which made our earnings less rest. That's why do not delay, do it as early as possible.

#3 "I have a right to have fun with my money, because I already working so hard for it."

Well it is true that you are always entitled to your money but do not forget to predict the future too. So from now on, divided your money into two allocations, have fun now and for your retirement in the future... isn't it sound fun and guaranteed?

#4 "If I retire, I will sell my house,"
Is you include a person that thinking like that? Well of course sell the house will generate a lot of money, especially if your house in a strategic location and sought after by many people. However, where will you live then? After all, we do not know what will happen when we retire, house prices maybe will be greatly influenced by the market price. Moreover, selling a home is not something that can be quickly done.

#5 "I want to focus on saving for children's education first, then retired,"
It has naturally character of parents to put the needs of their childrens before themselves. But you must remember this: if the needs of our childrens school feesrequires a lot of money, we can get extra money to pay it from scholarships or other types of aid. But if it is about to retire, no. We can only use the money we have saved.

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