Thursday, December 22, 2016

How to Choose Working Bag for Career Woman

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To be a successful career woman, bag for ladies certainly did getting noticed. Our bag will support us and definitely bring a positive aura of self-confidence while we wear it.

But the woman's bag have so many kinds, from simple yet elegant style to the sparkling one that made us looks all stunned. The bag price also have many range, there's bag for lady with cheap price and modest but another bag is an equal price with someone car out there, we can choose our type of bag that match with our style and off course the bag we choose it the one which we can afford.

What kind of bag that able to support our activities?

# 1 Medium size
That bag should fit a wallet, mobile phone and gadget as minimal function. Bag can certainly support the owner if it's fit contained things that we usually bring anytime, anywhere. It will be not quite useful if the bag has small clutch shape style, it maybe looks trendy and easy going but no if our wallet, mobile phone, planner just scattered on a table. Function is also number one.

# 2 Laptop are not required
It's okay if the woman bag we choose can't help us bring laptop anytime. Usually laptops has the special bag just for carrying laptop anywhere we need to bring it. Even if our bag fit to bringing laptop 10 ", perhaps. But please consider the strenght of the purse. You won't like to be embarrassed when you bring all sorts of your stuff and then the bag is so sudden getting damaged.

# 3 Long-term investments
As a busy career woman, despite a thousand collection of shoes, although had a million collection of bags, sometimes we don't have much time to simply buy a new bag.
It's okay if you decide to buy a pricey bag, consider that as a long term investment. Rather than the cheap one but it will be damaged after a month? You must be dislike that.

# 4 Choose tote or postman bag? Both is good.
Confused which style that define you the most? If you need large bag capacity, the most suitable one for you is tote bag, which can be attaches and tucked in our shoulder. Or maybe you prefer postman bag? Both is good but because the cord of postman bag longer, so it's strength is more vulnerable than a tote bag.

# 5 Bigger is better
The bigger our bag, it will be better to accommodate many of our purposes, we may often have to carry certain documents anywhere, it will be complicated if we just bring it without bag for keeping it clean and without the risk of losing piece of sheet when we don't know

Ready to choose and buy for the new one?.

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