Saturday, December 31, 2016


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What is the mean of me time? Maybe we've often heard about 'me time' before. Me time is a time for yourself, is the break that we need to do any activities alone just be yourself. Leisure time for a short break from all the routines that we do.

Peoples usually need about two hours per day to enjoy the time off by themself, this statement is according to psychologist Ayoe Sutomo. Time needed about only two hours can be effectively as possible as they can. Maybe for talk with deep down in the heart or mind, for listening more of what they heart said or how much they thinking a lot about anything.

In the survey that conducted by the Pew Research Center, women in America usually have a free time so much less than men. Leisure time can be happened just about five hours per week at home by themselves without children. If their children were aged under 18 years, so we can tell that the spare time they can get was reduced to only 3 hours per week.
It is not much different from what happened in Indonesia.

Do you take your 'me time' today? You needed it, really!

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