Friday, December 30, 2016

Make Sure that You All Set Up Before Holiday Abroad

End of December and we just counting down for a new year. So we had more than enough time for holiday! Yaaayy.

Want to set up your holiday abroad?
Please read these article first for know what you really need to spent holiday abroad.

# 1 Passport and another document needed
If you want to spend holiday aboard, of course you need to check your passport, is it need to renew or not or maybe you don't have any passport yet? Make sure that all about passport and other document for leaving country for a while was set up already. The process for making our passport all set up maybe we can say that it not so long time, but still it need some time. It should be ready at least a few months before you decide to leave for holiday.

# 2 Communication tool
Dig up as much information regarding mobile SIM card provider that is cheap enough for stay updating internet issue or your social media account and yes for stay communicate with your family. This is important though. If you want to use a local provider it may still able to use, but do not be surprised with the bill that you have to pay.

# 3 I know what you mean, you understand what I mean, that's communication
Learn some brief language of the country that we are headed. Bring Dictionary for general conversation needed by tourists. If the countries you want to go is using english in daily conversation you will all set up bringing oxford dictionary but if the country you want to go do not use english, it will be difficult for you. It will needed more preparing, buy a dictionary and you can watch drama or film that using their national language.

# 4 Money Money Money
This is very important too. Don't forget to bring your money, enough cash and some credit card for paying some bill. For daily need, cash money is highly needed but don't bringing to much cash because it may put you to difficult situation like pick pocket or anything the same. You can start to make some buying list and decide how much cash you needed and go to money changer for get changing your money into the currency of country you are heading to.

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