Monday, February 27, 2017

3 Instagramable Places in Ubud

School holidays are finished and it was different from the last holiday season because peoples decide to spend the holidays at home with family gathering, complete the thesis, or community services. Some people think it's not only about the holiday to visit a place for tourism, but spending time with the family to play such as camping in the backyard or watching movies along with their family was some kind of vacation too.

But besides that, there are some people who believe that holiday was about visiting favorite places or sight seeing a great distances. And by doing so can they feel please, refreshing their mind and momentarily escape from  daily routine. Sometimes it is kind of  problem to deciding where we would go forvacation, what destinations will be visited, and a desire to visit new places that had not been visited.

Some say do not claim to love Indonesia if you prefer a travel destination abroad rather than traveling around Indonesia. But maybe you still confused to choose places to be visited. No need to think hard, make a plan to visiting Ubud, a suitable place worth to see more. Some people who frequent flights usually only visit Seminyak Bali because there are so many established café with a very cute design and instagramable. Well Ubud is interesting place to visit to, as same as Seminyak and other areas in Bali. Holidays in Ubud Bali will also made you happy... Which place that you can't skip to visit in ​​Ubud yet instagramable? Check it out:

Campuhan Ridge Walk
Campuhan ridge walk is a destination where you can calm the mind by doing a leisurely stroll while enjoying the beautiful scenery presented. Campuhan ridge walk is a combination of the hill with green grass like carpet of Telletubies green grass hehe. Fun!

Pomegranate Café
Pomegranate is one of the café that you can visit in Ubud. Pomegranate provides a comfortable and peaceful atmosphere. Enjoy the dish which was served by looking at paddy field is fun yet unique!

Watching Kecak Dance 
As we already know, Kecak dance is a dance that originated from Bali and the Kecak dance performance is one of the must see when we visiting Bali. Well, when in Ubud you can visit the garden castle saraswati Ubud to see Kecak dance performances. Usually, Kecak dance performance was held on Thursday at around 19:30 pm. Enjoy the sunset with friends seeing Kecak dance performance will be an experience that we hard to forget.

So which one will place you visit for the next holiday?

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  1. Aaaah... Salah satu lokasi yang jadi list kalo ke Bali ya... Semoga bisa mengunjungi tempat indah itu...